Sunday, March 26, 2017

Uganda Athletes

I was reading Saturday's papers, The Saturday Vision and The Saturday Monitor and went through the list of athletes that are competing in the current IAAF world cross country competitions taking place in Uganda currently.

There are 28 athletes representing Uganda.


  1. Titus Kwemoi
  2. Victor Kiplangat
  3. Elisha Chemutai
  4. Kevin Kibet
  5. Mathew Chekwurui
  6. Jacob Kiplimo
  7. Joshua Cheptegei
  8. Phillip Kipyeko
  9. Abdallah Mande
  10. Timothy Toroitich
  11. Stephen Kiprotich
  12. Stephen Kissa
  13. Geoffrey Ruto
  14. Ronald Musagala

  1. Peruth Chemutai
  2. Esther Chekwemoi
  3. Janat Chemusto
  4. Stella Chesang
  5. Adha Munguleya
  6. Scallet Chemos
  7. Mercyline Chelangat
  8. Rachael Zena Chebet
  9. Doreen Chemutai
  10. Emily Chebet
  11. Winnie Nanyondo
  12. Dorcus Ajok
  13. Stella Chesang
  14. Doreen Chesang

Apart from 2 or 3 names, it seems to me they all come from the same clan!

I also noted that KCCA, Uganda police force and Prisons have many athletes, some of who are aged only 15 years!

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