Sunday, March 26, 2017

Confusing Ugandan Newspapers

In a story by Jacqueline Emodek titled: New Vision dominates media award list in the New Vision of Friday March 24 2017, page 10, she says from the just released shortlist of the nominees for the African Centre of Media Excellence (ACME) awards, out of 80 journalists, the New Vision had 23.

Seemingly not to be outdone, the Sunday Monitor of March 26, 2016 on page 3 married a headline saying: Monitor journalists dominate ACME awards shortlist! In a story by Albert Tumwine, out of 80 journalists nominated, Monitor and its sister companies have 29!

Sunday Monitor

Friday Vision

Let us wait for April 12th to know who will take home the most awards.

Meanwhile, Saturday Vision of March 25 2016, the page 2 stories by John Semakula and Taddeo Bwambale; 'UK doubles export credit....' and 'Chinese investment in Uganda hits....', gave us confusing figures of money. UK has doubled export credit from Pound Sterling 300 million to 600 million according to the story, however the equivalent of Uganda shillings for the former is 1.3 trillion and the latter which is double is 1.7 trillion! I wonder how he calculated his figures.

John Semakula's article in the New Vision

And in the next article by Taddeo, the amount of money involved $2.8 trillion is equivalent to the total tax collections for the US in 2016, but the story alleges that that is the total Chinese investment in Uganda! This is wrong!

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